Shenzhen Manridy Technology Co., Ltd is national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, "Double High" enterprise, vice chairman unit of Shenzhen Dengzhou Chamber of Commerce, member enterprise
of Shenzhen Medical Device Industry Association, Shenzhen high-tech member company of industry association, access to intellectual property management system certification certificate, second-class medical device
operating license and other qualificationcertificates.

Founded in fashion innovation capital - Shenzhen Longhua District, the company is the earlier domestic enterprise enter into the field of mobile health and intelligent health. The scientific and technological concept of
"innovation, technology, fashion, health" was determined from the beginning of its establishment.

The founder and core team are from well-known domestic and foreign medical companies, with more than ten years of medical experience.

Company is committed to develop and design products and solutions related to human health and human environmental health, guided by market demand, with research and innovation as the core and quality as the
guarantee. With more than ten years of health product technology accumulation, it constantly develops high-tech products that meet market demand.

At present, the company has mastered many core technologies in physiological signal detection, environmental detection, main control platform and has more than 20 various patents.

We will continue to surpass themselves, as always, create value for customers, to provide better quality technology, products and services !